Про Ініціативу Розмаїття

У відповідь на безпрецедентне зростання кількості неспровокованих злочинів на расовому підґрунті, починаючи з грудня 2006 року, Міжнародна організація з міграції (МОМ), Управління Верховного комісара ООН з питань біженців (УВКБ ООН), Міжнародна Амністія (МА) та інші зацікавлені неурядові організації створили мережу Ініціатива Розмаїття (ІР)у квітні 2007 року з метою скоординованого врегулювання цієї проблеми.

Навчальний курс «Журналістика даних проти упереджень щодо міграції» (Німеччина)

European Youth Press оголошує про набір учасників на навчальний курс «Журналістика даних проти упереджень щодо міграції», який відбудеться у Берліні 12-20 листопада 2016 року. До участі запрошуються молоді медійники, правозахисники, розробники сайтів, дизайнери, програмісти. Останній день подання - 31 серпня 2016 року (далі - англ.).

Are you a young media-maker, designer/developer/programmer or human rights activist? Are you concerned about the refugee crisis in Europe and feel passionate for data-driven journalism? Do you want to make a difference to media presentation of migrants’ and refugees’ issues in your country? Do you want to learn how to present balanced reports on these sensitive issues using innovative storytelling forms? Then this call is for you! 

The project

The main objective of the training course is to increase data journalism skills through hands-on training and working on a real story. In this project EYP partners with established media from different countries who send one journalist to join the training. Together participants will learn data journalism skills and  immediately apply them on practice. Finalized results of their work will be published by the media partners of the project which will ensure broader outreach and long-term effect. This course will also create an international network of young media makers, mid-career journalists and activists concerned with migration and refugees’ rights.

Participants of the training course will:

  • Learn and practice data journalism techniques: finding the right data, scraping, compiling, cleaning, storytelling with data.
  • Join in teams and work on specific projects aimed at publication in the national media
  • Build  professional contacts and get hands-on experience of working on a cross-border data-driven investigation

Financial Information

This training course is funded by the Erasmus+ grant. Participants will receive reimbursement of their travel costs up to the amount indicated below according to their country of residence:

  • Ukraine: 170 EUR
  • Participants living in Berlin cannot get their travel costs reimbursed.

Although travel costs will be reimbursed, participants will be expected to make their own travel arrangements as soon as possible after being selected. Participants will be also expected to take the cheapest route from their place of residence to Berlin and use following means of the transportation:

  • Train: 2nd class ticket (normal as well as high-speed trains),
  • Flight: economy-class air ticket or a cheaper ticket,
  • Bus

Additionally, organisers will provide accommodation, meals and all materials to be used.

Who can apply?

This call is open for:

  • Young media-makers, journalism students, bloggers and citizen journalists with demonstrated interest in issues related to the rights of ethnic minorities, migrants and refugees; Human rights activists working with refugees’/migration issues; Developers concerned by the topic.
  • Between 18-30 years old;
  • Residents of Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Armenia, Ukraine, Montenegro, Slovakia, Denmark and Latvia;
  • Proficient in English;

How to apply?

Interested candidates are invited to apply by filling this application form. Please also send your CV in Europass format via e-mail to applications@youthpress.org with ‘ddj on migration’ in the subject line.

Deadline for receiving complete applications (form and CV) is: 31 August, 23:59h CET.