About The Diversity Initiative

Responding to an increase in the number of suspected racially motivated attacks in Ukraine beginning in December 2006, International Organization for Migration (IOM), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Amnesty International (AI) and other concerned civil society organizations formed the Diversity Initiative network in April 2007 to begin addressing the issue in a coordinated way.

Training "Tools for monitoring and advocating the rights of national minorities and migrants in Ukraine" October 22-24, Kyiv

The representatives of national minority and migrantscommunities and civil society organizations (CSOs) are invitedto submit applications to participate in the 3-day workshop"Tools for monitoring and advocating the rights of nationalminorities and migrants in Ukraine" October 22-24 in Kyiv. 

The training is conducted by the Regional Office of the F. Ebert Foundation in Ukraine and the International Organization for Migration in Ukraine. 

The training provides an overview of key concepts and tools of protection of minority rights at the international and national levels. The selection is made on a competitive basis. Seats are limited. Training sessions will be conducted by the invited experts. Working language of the training - Ukrainian. All participants will receive a certificate. 

The organizers will provide accommodation, meals and compensation for travel expenses of participants (withinthe ticket on the train (coupe) or bus from the hotels to Kyiv). 

Selection criteria: We are looking for the highly motivated minority and migrants community leaders and NGOswho have experience or are planning to introduce measures to monitor violations of the rights of certain minority groups or advocacy campaigns to protect them. Additional preference will be given to representatives of national minorities and migrants. 

Application Procedure: Application form from this link - http://goo.gl/forms/7E6NaAjTf3 to be filled by October 15, 2014 

Organizational details of the training will be provided to selected participants by the deadline October 16, 2014 
Contact: Yana Salakhova, ysalakhova@iom.int (044) -568-50-15