About The Diversity Initiative

Responding to an increase in the number of suspected racially motivated attacks in Ukraine beginning in December 2006, International Organization for Migration (IOM), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Amnesty International (AI) and other concerned civil society organizations formed the Diversity Initiative network in April 2007 to begin addressing the issue in a coordinated way.


In the same boat, №38 February 2011

  1. The problem with Tolerance
  2. US Embassy 2011 Program in Belarus Breaking Stigmas
  3. Cashing in on the Year of the Rabbit: Making the Chinese New Year


In the same boat, №37 January 2011

  1. Gender Discrimination in Labor Code: Findings of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
  2. Max van der Stoel Human Rights Award 2010Web site of the Ministry
  3. Romophobia on the Web site of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine



In the same boat, №36, December 2010

  1. They Fight for Our Rights
  2. Round table Discussion "Promotion Diversity" by African Center
  3. Why starting the Artisit Initiative?


In the same boat, №34, November 2010

2. Football is more than a game.
3. How many capitals are there in South Africa? Students
got answers to this and many more questions from the
Ambassador of South Africa.


In the same boat, №33, September 2010

1. Inefficient Investigation Turns a Quiet Neighborhood into Nightmare, Sowing Seeds of Xenophobia: Human Rights Aspects of Troeshchina Minor Rape Case.  

2. Students will pay for missing classes.

3. Kolesnikov criticized Kyiv police for not knowing foreign languages.    


In the same boat, №32, August 2010

1. Brussels celebrated Independence Day of Ukraine in a big way.

2. “An inhabitant of Bangladesh with Ukrainian passport” – who is he/she? Use of hate speech by Mihailo Brodsky, Head of State Regulatory Policy Committe.

3. Immigrants have human rights.